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Abraham Emajaro, born in Bradford Yorkshire, is a self taught Multimedia Artist whose array of work includes the exploration of the subconscious and the hidden recesses of the mind, such as the hidden symbolism within dreams.  His work draws inspiration from the works of C.G.Jung's, ‘On the Nature of Dreams’ and Freud’s. ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’.

His idea of employing materials he has found on travels, is an eclectic mix of domestic and commercial junk of everyday life, and has become and all consuming passion.  An array of Box Construction, Assemblage, Sculpture, Painting, Photography and Video has been created.

In his box construction entitled ‘A shrine for the Nocturnal Poet’, for example, he employed materials culled from junk shops, flea markets, car boot sales, rubbish skip and the streets and alleyways of Manchester.

Emajaro sometimes employs humour alongside subjects such as memory, fetishism, ritual, iconography and fantasy to explore the surreal oddities of everyday life.

In his photography and video works, found objects are occasionally employed as props which play a metaphorical role in the composition.



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Porter & Jenkinson Present Curious Pursuits
The Portico Library
57 Mosley Street
M2 3HY
Preview 2nd Feb

Continuing until 29th Feb 2012


'..........Abraham Emajaro, whose cabinets of found objects are witty and disturbing, like Pandora's box in reverse, where the trick is to try and close it.  Imagine a furry, feathered hand bursting through the cabinet, bringing the same sense of surreal disquiet as Meret Oppenheim's infamous fur-covered cup and saucer..........'

Patricia Connolly, City Life Magazine


'Because of the need that has always driven men to imprint the traces of their activity on matter, nearly all phenomena of collective life are capable of expression in given objects.  A collection of objects systematically acquired is thus a rich gathering of admissible evidence.'

Marcel Mauss, 1931


Abraham Emajaro has exhibited internationally including New York, Boston,
Istanbul, Berlin,Ireland, London, Manchester, Liverpool and Cumbria. 

His work is held in private collections in New York, Paris, Southern Ireland, London and Manchester.

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